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Exotic Dreams Resort - TERMS OF USE

(The Exotic Dreams Resort may also be referred to and or known here-in and throughout this document and elsewhere as; The Hotel, EDRH, EDR Hotel / Management / Services, EDR Hotel Member Services, EDRH Club Management, EDR Management, EDRH Management, EDRH Promotions, EDR Promotional Services, etc.,)

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel - ‘Members Only’ Private Resort

Exotic Dreams Resort is a member’s only private resort for 21 and older adult heterosexual couples. All members are required to purchase and maintain a valid membership subscription. EDR Paid Club Members have the ability to access and ‘book rooms for upcoming stays’, and ‘purchase party event tickets’ in advance online. Ordinarily Resort Passes are purchased in advance by calling the resort. Occasionally Resort Passes are opened up to members for online purchases. Paid members also have unlimited access to join EDR’s Members and Member Groups ‘communities' through private ‘members and groups portals’ across the entire EDR hotel website.

Exotic Dreams Resorts - Guest Code of Conduct

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel is an open lifestyle resort that caters to all lifestyle couples and is clothing optional. Couples are required to check-in and check-out of the resort as a couple. The following rules are guidelines designed and set in place for the safety and well-being of all resort members, whether they are visiting for the day or have planned an extended stay.

  • Nudity is not permitted in any business office, the Café, the Cantina, or any other location that food or drinks are served, or business is conducted

  • Sex is not permitted in any business office, the Café, the Cantina, in any pool or jacuzzi or outside of our business office, or in our parking lots, or any other location where food or drinks are served, or business is conducted.


  • Stalking and harassment, sexual or otherwise, from a member toward any other member or couple, is never permitted and is a direct violation of the resort rules.


Exotic Dreams Resort respects our guests’ privacy and will not release privacy information to other guests staying at the resort and your information will never be sold to a third party. If you're a guest and wish to know another guest’s private information such as their identity or contact information, Please do not ask us.

If you are a guest of the resort and also an 'event promoter' that promotes events that are not sponsored by the resort or that take place at a location other than the Exotic Dreams Resort, it is not appropriate to promote during your stay at EDR.

You must agree in spirit and specifically to all of the following while a member of EDR. You are required to understand and acknowledge, agree and consent to be exposed to and observe conduct consistent with the purpose of this association. This includes nudity and adult sexual contact that all functions. Meetings and parties are private and for the sole purpose of sharing ideas concerning human relationships as expressed through human sensuality and sexuality. Affirm and state the aforementioned expressive conduct and activity is not offensive or lewd to you.

  • Do not touch another member without consent, and do not allow a member to touch you without the same.


  • All members should respect the dignity of others.


  • No rude conduct toward staff will be permitted.


  • If you enter a play area, and are not playing, refrain from conversations and respect others in the space.


  • Do not invade the personal space of others ‘while they are playing.’ If you want to join them and there is a doubt, please ask them if they would like your company. Then, respect their decision. No, Always Means No!!


  • Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs and prostitution.


  • No cameras, cell phone cameras or recording devices are permitted for use unless you are doing so in the privacy of your own room with other consenting   couples.


  • Overly intoxicated guests that may pose a hazard to themselves and/or dangerous or rude behavior toward other guests, will typically be directed to retire to their room until they are sober. If a guest refuses to comply, and/or continues to act in a rude or intoxicated manner, they will be instructed to leave the resort premises and may result in permanent expulsion from the resort.

Exotic Dreams Resort – ‘Signature Required’ Guest Folio Document Section:


COVID 19 disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that by staying at the resort, you voluntarily assume any and all health risks related to the possibility of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. You further agree that you shall not ever hold or claim liability of responsibility against Exotic Dreams Resort including its owners, employees or vendors in any way now or in the future.

Deposit Policy: For Peak Season (April - September), all reservation deposit payments are non-refundable.

Cancellation/Deposit/No-show Room Policy: Cancellations/Amendments made less than 7 days prior to the check in date will result in a $100 cancellation fee and the balance applied towards a future stay as a credit. Full refunds will be issued when a guest notification of a cancellation/amendment is 7 or more days out from the check in date.

AMEX Cancellations/Refunds: All (American Express Card) cancellations of reservations that involve a refund back to an American Express Card will be charged a 3.25% fee.

Cancellations/ No-Show Policy for Ticketed Events & Resort Passes: Resort passes are Not Ever cancellable or refundable. Pre-paid Event Tickets are also Not Refundable

If necessary, a purchased event ticket may be moved to a future similar planned event if the resort is notified up to 24 hours from the actual event date. *Exceptions to this 24 hour notification rule may be considered on a case by case basis with the resort.

Check-in / Check-out Policy / SELF REGISTRATION ONLY: Couples must check in and check out of the resort as a couple. Check in time is 3pm. Check out time is 11am. Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability and must be arranged and approved in advance with the front desk.

Failure to check in: Any room not occupied by 2200 hours will be considered a No Show, unless prior arrangement has been made. In the event of a No Show, the total cost of the stay will be billed to your credit card.

All Rooms, Pools & Jacuzzi Areas are Non-Smoking: Smoking is limited to designated smoking areas Only. In addition, if smoke damage is discovered in your room after you check out, a $200.00 fine will be charged to your credit card on file.

Notice to Guests: This property is privately owned, and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Management shall not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind. The management is not responsible for any item(s) which are left in the room.

[I AGREE that my liability for this bill is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person or company failed to pay for any part or full amount of these charges including any missing/damaged items, etc. I agree that if an attorney is retained to collect these charges, I will pay all reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred. If payment to EDR is to be made by credit card, EDR is authorized to charge my account for all charges incurred, including any and all damages/missing items, etc. (Arriving Guest: Signature _________ Date _________ ) Thank you]


Exotic Dreams Resorts - Privacy and Data Collection Policy:

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel does not sell, trade, or give your private information to third parties for profit, at any time. EDR Hotel 'does' collect a certain limited amount of your private information in that we are required by law, for example, to know the legal identity/s of who is using our facilities. The Resort is responsible for setting certain Rules and Guidelines for clientele eligibility, such as the minimum age of guests which is set at 21 years. Also, at times we 'share' other portions of your personal information with approved 3rd party entity/partners when it’s necessary to do so in order to successfully manage the EDR Hotel. For example, we share your name and email address with the Hotel's email distribution service providers whose paid and legal responsibility is to 'securely' and accurately distribute and disseminate news and information ‘electronically’ about our products and services to you, our customers and subscribers.

Exotic Dreams Resorts - Membership / User's Agreement:

The Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel offers its guests an 'Exclusive Private Resort Membership Subscription' that includes: the membership; private on-line community access with other members including all usage costs. This is a Limited Free Added Value Benefit Service that is provided by EDR for its members and is solely intended for 'Social Networking and Entertainment Purposes' only. Members must be at least 21 years of age. All EDR Club Members also understand and agree that while you're logged into your Members account, members are connecting with other EDR members and may leave comments, share uploaded pics and leave comments on your ‘member community’ pages. You may create new member chats and may follow or unfollow other members at your discretion. EDR Hotel Member Services may increase or decrease the level and types of membership services provided to its members at the sole discretion of EDR Hotel Member Services at anytime. Members further understand and agree that your ‘My Profile’, ‘My Gallery’ (15mb pics and 15mb videos) per user, ‘My Followers’ and your ‘My Events’ pages are 'community' member pages and your on-screen community url will be visible to other members on these 4 pages when logged on. If you are using your email address AS your on-screen profile name and do not want it visible to the ‘members community’ then you can easily ‘edit’ your ‘community url’ by following the ‘edit’ instructions on your ‘FAQ’ members dashboard page. After doing that your email address will then always remain hidden. Members that have purchased a 'Silver Membership' subscription have rights and access to ALL available member pages on your dashboard. 'General Membership' subscriptions and/or other membership types are limited to the 'community pages' and to only a few of the other private member pages whereas 'Silver Memberships' have no restrictions and complete access across all areas of the EDR website. Paid memberships may book their rooms and purchase ticketed events online. The ‘Member Pages’ that you have access to you is based on your membership subscription level or type. ‘URLs’ on all of your Private member pages are NEVER shared or seen by anyone BUT YOU. Any member may review their 'EDR Membership Subscription’ status, or cancel their membership at any time from your 'My Membership' dashboard dropdown menu item. You may also email and write in the subject header ‘CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP’. EDR Management reserves the right to accept or reject any new member, membership, membership subscription based on registration information provided, and further reserves the right to suspend, revoke and delete any members ‘membership’ that it believes is being used as acting or behaving in such a manner that is inconsistent with the resort's code of conduct rules, member rules or contrary to the general interests and standards of the members community at large. The EDR interactive private chat and group chat member services are provided and intended solely for entertainment purposes. EDR Hotel shall not ever be held liable for damages for any illicit or illegal activity by any sole member or members at any time whatsoever. Members violating policies may result in membership subscription suspension or revocation and possibly expulsion from the resort itself.

You also agree that you do not consider you're membership subscription and any exposure to expressive and/or explicit conduct that you may experience as activity that you believe to be inappropriate or lewd in anyway and that you are not offended by it.

EDR Hotel Management Services

phone: (760) 477-4498

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